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Our Library is a local treasure, an internationally award-winning architectural gem, and the beating heart of our community. Your support goes way beyond books. The Billings Public Library is our community living room and a center for connection, learning, and growth.

Providing a Margin of Excellence

For over three decades, the Billings Public Library Foundation has committed to ensuring the long-term financial health and growth of the Billings Public Library through private giving and our endowment. Through a public-private alliance, the Foundation’s vision is to offer our community a library with the best resources and most innovative services and programming possible.

Nurturing Young Minds

By the age of 3 a child’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s. The pre-kindergarten years are crucial to developing lifelong reading and learning habits and that’s why the Foundation proudly sponsor’s the Library’s 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. We incentivize young readers and their families, from day one, to ensure that all of Billings’ kids go into Kindergarten ready to flourish.

Tech Program

Bridging the Digital Divide

We know that technology runs the world, but not everyone has the kind of access they need. The Foundation is investing in borrowable tech for Library user, starting with mobile hotpots and laptops to get folks online wherever they are. We are also investing in the TECH lab, which houses a truly incredible wealth of resources for teens. Everything from 3D printers, to video game consoles, from an audio recording booth to coding software — the sky’s the limit.

Meeting Billings Where It’s At

A Library is more than four walls — it’s a community service and we’re working hard to get out of our building and into the community. The Foundation sponsored Pedal Powered Library regularly makes its way across town to provide Library materials and free Wi-Fi . And our latest project, the Library Lending Kiosk makes materials even more accessible after hours. The kiosk, the first in Montana, will provide access to patron-requested materials at any time. The Foundation is working to provide additional kiosks across town to meet the needs of all of Billings’ residents — regardless of where they are.

When you give a gift to the Library, your generosity lasts for generations to come. Libraries have always been, and will continue to be essential to our communities, and the Foundation works hard every day to go above and beyond to make library resources relevant and accessible like never before. When you plan a gift to the library through your estate, you’re ensuring that your legacy will last as long as we do.

Generous donations and community support make the magic happen. Your investments have enriched our Library, and in turn, helped shape the lives of countless people throughout Yellowstone County.

Foundation Programs

Foundation Programs Since 1998

  • Book Lending Kiosks
  • Children’s Summer Reading Programs
  • Children’s Books for Bicycle Library
  • Yoga in the Park
  • Mobile Hotspots
  • Chromebooks for Check-out
  • Friday Family Nights
  • Senior Book Club Kits
  • Conoco (Philips66) Summer Reading Program
  • One Book Billings
  • Royal Johnson Room Dedication
  • Mentors for Tech Lab
  • Library Dedication (with Michael Berenstein and Neil Gaiman)
  • Sound Booth
  • Time Capsule
  • Read to the Dogs Children’s Literacy Program
  • Learning Lab
  • New Library Capital Campaign ($500,000!)
  • New Library Feasibility Study
  • Books and Babies Program
  • Digital Media Center
  • Public Library Wireless Network
  • Portable Computer Lab
  • Senior Outreach Van

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Libraries are about freedom. Freedom to read,
freedom of ideas, freedom of communication.
They are about education, about entertainment,
about making safe spaces, and about access to information.

—Neil Gaiman