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The Billings Public Library Heritage Garden

Diane and Mark Gorder were thrilled to envision, fund, and help dedicate the Heritage Garden — a reminder of the rich heritage of the Yellowstone valley and the Billings Community. This project was undertaken to honor the memories of Diane’s mom, Jean Engle Dimich, her brother, Daniel “Bill” W. Dimich, Jr., and her father Daniel “Danny” W. Dimich, Sr.

Working with the building’s original landscape architect, Jim Foley, they created a design that showcases native plants and boulders reminiscent of the rimrocks. The garden also emphasizes the impact of the Crow language and culture in the area. The Library Foundation worked with a group of Crow language speakers and elders to develop signs for the plants written in Crow as well as etched representations of indigenous petroglyph art on the central boulders.

Diane and Mark’s wish is that those coming to the library and walking past the garden will be reminded of the heritage of their families, the peoples of the Yellowstone valley, and the legacies represented. To learn more about the history of the Dimich and Gorder families, click here.

“Financial success comes with an obligation to give back to the communities which contributed to that success.”

—Diane and Mark Gorder

Are you looking to make an impact with your charitable giving? Do you want your legacy to benefit future generations? A legacy or estate gift to the Billings Public Library Foundation may be right for you.

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